This document describes the policy for the implementation of the refund of cryptocurrencies and fiat money or cryptocurrency tokens, depending on the type and nature of the operation being performed. The refund policy applies exclusively to commissions and funds deposited by the user of the WyExchange service. The Service will make adequate efforts to resolve disputes and disagreements with Clients when using the Services of the Service. Refunds in excess of the amount originally deposited are prohibited.

General Provisions

A user who has used the services of the WyExchange service can request a refund or refund only in strict accordance with the conditions and procedure described below.

In order to form a request for a refund / refund, the user must log in to the Personal Account on the WyExchange website, open the details (information) on the exchange performed, use the feedback form and generate a refund request, indicating all related information and reasons for the return.

Formation of a request for a return / refund is possible within 30 calendar days from the date of payment (exchange).

Refunds will only be considered if they meet the criteria and conditions described in this document.

Refunds / refunds requests will only be considered for a full refund of funds that were transferred by the WyExchange service as part of an exchange operation. The service will begin to consider a refund request only after crediting (refunding) the full amount sent to the user as part of the exchange operation to his details.

The processing time for applications for refunds is up to 1 business day. After making a positive decision regarding the refund, the transfer of funds will be carried out by the operator in order of priority (depending on the load).

Transactions using cryptocurrencies

Refunds are not possible. The reason for this criterion is the ultra-high price volatility of cryptocurrencies. Thus, the value of the purchased or sold cryptocurrency at the time of return will differ from the original.

Transactions without using cryptocurrencies

Refunds are possible. The fees charged from the client and other details of the return process are described in separate paragraphs of this document (see below).
Currency selection when making refunds

Without exception, all refunds are made in the currency deposited by the client during the exchange operation, through the same payment system that was used for the transfer. For example, if a client, during the exchange, transferred funds to the WyExchange account in USD using the AdvCash system, then the refund will be appropriately made in AdvCash USD.

Refund details

All refunds will be made according to the details specified in the exchange request. The WyExchange service is not responsible for refunds to incorrectly specified details. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the user undertakes to carefully enter the data when drawing up the application. In exceptional cases, it is impossible to pay for the refund to the specified details, WyExchange will accept alternative details from the Users. Alternative details must be transmitted through the feedback form of the User’s personal account.
Return fees

When carrying out a refund, the need that arose on the initiative of the User (or through his fault), the Refund Commission will be deducted from the User equal to the amount of the Commission Fee taken by the service during the exchange operation, but not less than 5% of the total amount of the exchange.

Any commission fees arising from the processing of refund from Payment Systems are paid solely by the User. Such fees will be deducted from the final amount to be returned.

Other provisions

The refund policy can be changed by the service without notifying the User.
If the User does not want to accept the terms of the Refund Policy, he should not continue to use the WyExchange service. If the User continues to use the Services, this means that he agrees to the Terms and Conditions stipulated in the Returns Policy.